Saturday, April 7, 2012

Action 291 - Run With The Stars.

I'm in Los Angeles to run the inaugural Hollywood Half Marathon. This time around, I have two goals. The first, as always with distance events, is to finish. Even though I've already run eight half marathons, I still respect the distance. It's 13.1 miles, and that takes its toll on the body. So first goal, finish injury free. But my second goal is unique to this event.

Action 291 - Run With The Stars. My second goal is to keep my eyes open and spot any celebrities that are on the course with me. I mean, this is billed as a chance to "run with the stars," and I expect this race to deliver.

I read that Joey McIntyre (former New Kid On The Block) has signed up to run. I saw him on Broadway in Wicked, and he was pretty great. Looked adorable, too.


I'm really hoping for some other stars. Hmmm... I wonder if Tom Hardy runs?

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