Friday, April 13, 2012

Action 322 - Make The Right Call.

I'm working on finding a balance between my running events and my non-running life. So far, honestly, I think I could do better. And right now, I've got a plan to shift the balance a bit.

Action 322 - Make The Right Call. Tomorrow is the Fearless 5K, and I was planning to run. I signed up, paid my money, and was all set to go. But no, I'm not running. Why? Because my cousin is in town, visiting from Texas. She's been here since Tuesday and leaves Sunday, and I have had next to no time to spend with her. And tonight, other friends are in town, too.

Yes, I could run tomorrow. Or, I could spend the evening with my husband, family and friends... listening to Eric Himan perform... and not worry a bit about the time as the hours pass by.

I'm going to make the right call. Instead of running a 5K for my physical health, I'll be working on my emotional health, surrounded by friends and family.

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