Monday, April 30, 2012

Action 407 - Deal With The Pressure.

I heard back from the Race Director at the Pasadena Marathon. It's a done deal. I will be running with Bib #1775. And just like that, this is all happening.

Action 407 - Deal With The Pressure.

When I decided to run a second full marathon, I saw it as a personal challenge. Me, my music, and 26.2 miles of willpower and determination. But now, it feels like it's becoming something bigger.

I'm wearing Bib #1775. Before the marathon starts, I'll be interviewed by a news reporter. I'll be posting real time updates to Facebook and Twitter via the RunMeter app. And I will be running with the with the presence of twenty-six different Marines. I feel like I will be anything BUT alone out there.

I'm feeling the pressure. I've always slipped quietly in and out of the pre-race expos, grabbing my bib and shirt and a few goodies and heading right out. And I'm used to being an anonymous runner out on a course. This time, though, I'm meeting the race director to get my bib. That feels like a big deal to me. And on the course, I feel like every dollar donated is another set of eyes watching me every mile.

I'm not complaining. I asked for every bit of this attention. And I'm confident that I will rise to the occasion. I will fulfill my original goal of completing the marathon and I will do right by those who donated and, most importantly, bring attention to those who have served and sacrificed.

People have dealt with far more and handled it with grace and ease. I can certainly handle this.

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