Monday, April 23, 2012

Action 374 - Eat Whatever I Want.

For many of us, the first thing we think about when we want to lose weight is dieting. We start thinking about all the food we have to give up and all the wonderful things we can no longer have. Cake, candy, sweets and treats. All of it has to go.

And then a week later, we snap. We are tired of telling ourselves no. We crack under the pressure. We decide, "I can't go my whole life without having the things I want, so why even try?"

Obviously, then, that doesn't work for most of us as a weight loss tool. Instead, I'm taking a completely different approach.

Action 374 - Eat Whatever I Want.

BUT... I have to stop and ask myself, before every bite and every snack... do I REALLY want it? Sure, I'll enjoy the bites and tastes. But what do I really want?

I want to fit into smaller clothes and I want to have more energy and I want to feel healthier and stronger. I want to look and feel lean and trim. I want to be able to walk up stairs without feeling out of breath. I want to walk by a mirror and not feel ashamed or embarrassed. I want to live a long and wonderful life with the ones I love. I want to experience every moment of life and I want to do it in a body that is healthy and strong.

I want these good things for myself. And I deserve to have them. So why settle for anything less? Why have something I don't really want?

Right now, this moment, I am faced with a choice. And I know that I could have either the Snickers Bar or the pint of Chunky Monkey Ice Cream in the freezer. If I really want one or the other (or both), I can have it. I am in control and I am in charge. But I don't want either of those things more than I want to feel lean and strong when I run the Pasadena Marathon. So I will make a better choice for myself.

I am not deprived and I am not going without. I can have anything I want. And right now, what I want more than any high-calorie snack is to stay on track with my nutrition and training goals.

And so I shall.

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