Friday, April 13, 2012

Action 321 - Mind The Bad Habits.

For the most part, I eat a fairly healthy diet. I make more good choices than bad. But I'm not immune to the pressures of day to day living, and I'm influenced by external factors. Case in point, this morning's breakfast choice.

I have company staying with me this week, and they have no interest in being awake with me at 5am. I want to be as quiet as I can while getting ready, and today, that meant skipping my oatmeal breakfast at home and, instead, grabbing something on the way. Ans what's right next to my office? 7-11. And what do they have?

Yep, my old breakfast of choice, the Hostess Donettes. That's what I ate again this morning, all six of them washed down with a 64 ounce Double Gulp Diet Coke. And I enjoyed every bit of it. Oh, yes, there is a reason those donettes became a habit for me back in the day. They are easy to eat on the go and they taste delicious.

Action 321 - Mind The Bad Habits. I'm not going to beat myself up over this, but I am going to be honest with myself about them. They are mostly wasted calories. Less than hour later, I was already hungry again. For fewer calories, I could have had oatmeal and fresh fruit.

Yes, I had complicating factors this morning that helped influence me to make a poor choice for breakfast. And I'll just move on from it without making more of it than I should. But my action here is to remember the bad habits that led to my weight gain and make a commitment that meals like these are exceptions and not routine.

Bad habits can feel great, but good habits will keep me on track to achieve my health and fitness goals.

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