Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Give That Baby A Name!

You wait all your life for something so precious, so loved. You spend long nights dreaming about the day that your life is complete. You imagine every little detail of something so wonderful finally becoming real.

Action 378 - Give That Baby A Name. Yep, it's time.

Wait, no! Not that kind of baby. I'm talking about our team for Ragnar Florida. I mean, "whew, we're finally going to give that baby a name!"

But no, I'm not going to share it in public, yet. It's really more of a team thing, and we'll reveal it together somehow.

Just know that we have decided. And it's awesome.


  1. LOVE it! Seriously, I don't think it was this hard for my sister to name my niece!!!

  2. Makes sense. I mean, she'll have other kids, but this our one and only FIRST team Ragnar together!

  3. [...] after she invited them to help us) and multiple rounds of voting, we decided on a name. And as promised earlier, it’s time for the big [...]