Friday, April 27, 2012

Action 394 - See How Far I've Come.

September 1, 2011. Nearly eight months ago. That's when I registered myself to run the La Jolla Half Marathon. At the time, I had successfully run a Super Spartan, a Tough Mudder and two half marathons. I registered because I had decided to chase the Triple Crown, and there was no way to get there without taking on the challenge of La Jolla's hills.

Action 394 - See How Far I've Come. It's almost like I've become a completely different person. Since I registered in September, I have also ran the Marine Corps Marathon, the Carlsbad All Day 25k and seven half marathons.

More important than the events is the mindset I take with me now into a new event. I'm not afraid of it. I may do well or I may struggle, but I'm not afraid. I have matured enough as a runner to understand that not every race will be a PR. I won't walk away from every event thinking, "wow, that was my best event ever!"

What I will walk away with, each and every time, is the knowledge that I ran the best race I could, on the course that was there, at the time I ran it. I won't second-guess myself or beat myself up if my race isn't perfect.

I've come a long way, indeed. I no longer feel like I have something to prove to myself nor to anyone else. I am no longer running away from anything. These days, when I run, I am experiencing the miles and the moments and the joy of running.

Jeebus, did I really just write, "... the joy of running"?!

Wow. Even I was not clear on just how far I have come. Very well, then. Get ready, La Jolla. I'm coming for you.

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