Friday, April 30, 2021

New Music Friday

There has been so much new, amazing music, and I have been so delayed in sharing any of it with you. But I'm making up for that today in a big way. Here, in no particular order, are all of the best new songs that have come to me via the scientists/engineers/magicians at Apple Music.

"Let your dreams fly."

It's an interesting thing, having dreams. Growing up, I used to be afraid to have them because I didn't trust that they would ever come true. Later, I had them, but they still remained elusive, just out of reach of my reality.

And then along came Ric. And he not only made my existing dreams come true, he grounded and empowered me to dream even bigger and better. And that's the power of being loved by someone truly wonderful. They help you believe that you deserve great things in this life. And then they help you get them.

~ John

Thursday, April 29, 2021

"Worse has happened."

It's an old expression, but in general, it's a good reminder that whatever you are going through, it's not the end of the world and you will be able to get through it. And it's the way I feel most times when I am struggling with something. I try to tell myself, "you endured so much more before and you were all alone then."

Now that I share my life with Ric, it's easier to convince myself that I can get through anything. I have a partner, someone who truly has my back and supports me through anything. And that makes all the difference.

~ John

"You'll never find rainbows."

John is a more of a flying-through-the-clouds instead of fighting through the brush person. Because he plans, he’s more of love-being-lost-in-the-weeds guy. If you plan things, you don’t have to deal with so much crap all the time. John is able to deal with things as they come and live in the moment because of planning. So when the rainbows come he’s there to see them, even if they are faint.

~ Ric

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Not today.

Some days you just gotta say “not today.“ John is convalescing today so he didn’t get to put a little slip of paper in my pocket so that I can answer the question on the paper. Some days, enough is enough. Today is one of those days. And that’s okay. Today, take a well deserved rest. Today, take care of yourself. You work hard at everything! Rest! I love you husband!

~ Ric

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

"Dwell in Possibility."

John is extremely optimistic. He is always looking for the good. The good in people, opportunities, and situations. He doesn’t live in past disappointments. He remembers good times, good things, and good people. I’ve always said the opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is indifference. You just stop having any emotion for the bad and those bigoted hateful people. They don’t matter and you don’t care anything about them. Live in hope. Live in love. Do you have the possibility? That is what John does.

~ Ric

"What are you waiting for?"


It took me a long time to realize that I was always waiting for something to tell me I had made it, I had reached some never-really-defined checkpoint in my life and everything was sorted out. I didn't really know what that "you did it" moment was going to look like, exactly, but I believed it was coming.

Imagine my surprise to learn that it wasn't a moment at all. It was a person. It was Ric. Having him in my life is my feeling of accomplishment and celebration. It wasn't getting a job or moving to a town or buying a house. It was always about finding the person who made me feel complete.

I was waiting for my husband. And it was worth every second of the wait.

~ John

Good News

Monday, April 26, 2021

There are two kinds of people in this world.


"Wicked Awesome"

John is known as Captain Awesome, and yes he is wicked awesome. He’s the best person I know. He is so compassionate and kind. He’s also wicked smart! He’s the love of my life.

~ Ric

"A First Rate Version..."

It's true, of course. We are each best when we focus on ourselves instead of wasting time with comparisons to others. And I see that manifest every day in Ric. He is such a complex variety of skills, talents, passions, and actions, and there is quite simply no one else like him. He's strength and power, passion and concern, love and giving. And I appreciate every single thing that makes him unique, special, and amazing. First rate, indeed.

~ John

Meme Monday


Sunday, April 25, 2021

"Ain't gotta explain..."

Another Sunday morning, another opportunity to look back over the week and see what lessons I've learned from my Spiritual AF cards. Today, it's all about allowing myself the freedom to be whoever the fuck I am without having to justify myself or defend my actions to others.

I am a good person. I know that. And I'm proud of that. And I know that I have a special sort of skillset that allows me to bring people together, whether it's to help someone in need or just to shine a light on someone in a dark place. Not everyone understands that skillset, and they bring a negativity and a judgement to it. I get that now.
Hey John, it's okay if people doubt you or bring their own suspicions and insecurities and try to dump them on you. You can just keep right on doing you and leave them to sort out their own garbage.
I am going to continue loving on everyone I want to, talking them up and helping them feel their own value. And I don't have to worry at all if others can't see that for exactly what it is. And that feels #SpiritualAF.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Affirmators for the Week Ending Friday, April 23, 2021

 My inspiration card over the last week:

So, how did I do?

This one was a no-go from the start. I could not wrap my head around thanking the people who tried to make my life hard last week.

I get it in a big picture way. And maybe with a little time, I'll get there. But last week was really tough at work, some people seemed to go out of their way to piss me off, and I'm still working from that space.

Like I always say. I'll get through this. I just need to be dramatic for a while.

And a sneak peek at next week's card:

Friday, April 23, 2021

"Love many things."

I would say John is not really the type of person that loves many THINGS. John loves many PEOPLE, things, not so much. Yeah he loves his electronics, and his tech, and of course his beer. But John loves people more than any thing. That’s what I love about him. He has his priorities straight. Probably the only straight thing about him.

~ Ric

"Imperfection makes character."


When Ric was growing up, perfection was the expected standard. But no one can live up to that, and it created an unrealistic expectation that he struggled with for years. But over time, and with a lot of love and convincing, he has finally accepted that he doesn't have to appear perfect for people to accept and care about him. And what isn't perfect can be pretty special, indeed.

~ John

Thursday, April 22, 2021

"What doesn't matter, anymore?"


"More than Plan A."

John is a planner. And yes, he never depends on one plan. There is always a back up to a back up to a back up. Good solid planning means things will work out. And when things go to shit, you can plan to just stop and try again another day. John never stops trying.

~ Ric

Throwback Thursday - A Week On Maui

It's Throwback Thursday, and today we're going back to October 2003. I was fortunate enough to spend a week on the island and it was amazing.

First up, meet the locals.

And a stop for breakfast.

Here's my visit to Kaanapali Beach.

Maui sunrises are spectacular.

The view of Elua Beach.

La Purus Bay

The Western Shore of Maui

Here's one reason I prefer to be in a boat instead of in the water.

And here's a reason I don't surf. I can't. But here's a reason why I don't.

And here I am, all smiles. All that's missing is a Mai Tai and some snacks.

I cannot say enough good things about Maui and how wonderful it is to visit there. And I can't wait to get back again and spend more time chilling out and relaxing island style.

"The courage that matters."

Every weekday, Ric goes to the hospital and works in Radiology. He deals with people experiencing pain, fear, anxiety, and loss. And he does it all without a word of complaint. He just goes about his business and helps every person that he can. And like everything else, he does it with no fear at all. He's the man who handles his business, faces every moment, and gets done what he needs to get done. 

I love that bravery. I also count on it to get me through my own tough moments. And he's never let me down.

~ John

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

"Give me hope."


You are describing John with this phrase. He has gotten people together to rally around someone who is contemplating suicide. He forms groups of people that will reach out to those struggling every hour sometimes. We have gotten calls from the VA when they are releasing an attempted suicide and have no place to place them, we take them in. All you have to do is look. John is that light in the darkness.

~ Ric

"Truthful, Gentle, and Fearless."

Have you met Ric? Because if you have, I feel like you could probably write this yourself. Ric is truthful, if you don't count his sneaky way of ordering things from Amazon and pretending to be surprised when those things show up later. Okay, so maybe that one isn't spot-on.

But Ric is gentle. He is a typically quiet man who prefers to avoid taking center stage. He's comfortable standing by and allowing others to be the star, loud and boisterous while he just watches and supports and encourages. And he is fearless, always willing to do whatever it takes to keep the people he loves safe and out of harm's way. 

Ric is all of these wonderful things and more, and I'm thankful every day that he is in my life.

~ John


Another Wednesday means another chance to draw a card from my Grateful AF deck and see what it wants me to appreciate today.

This one hits home for me, in part because I enjoy documentaries but also because I was featured in one (From Fat To Finish Line). 

I am absolutely for those special people willing to commit to a story and make sure it gets told no matter the time it takes, the effort it requires, or the cost it demands. I have learned so much about so much through documentaries, from the histories of entire nations to the powerful story of a single boy or girl. And each of those films makes me a little wiser, a little more empathetic, and a lot more aware of what is happening all around me.

Thanks, historians and documentarians. Thank you for opening my eyes, my mind, and my heart to the larger world that surrounds me. By telling the stories of other people's lives, you have made mine so much more informed and educated.

And for all of that, yes, I am grateful AF.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

"Learn from your history."

John has lived through a lot of heartache. Yet “Heartbreak” for John is not “Broken.” Those times of true sorrow do not define how he lives his life. Those dark times are not forgotten, instead they are learning experiences. “Those who forget history are doomed to relive it.” John has struggles with past pain and darkness, but he actively chooses not to live there. He chooses to move past and move on from the past and truly live in the present with hope and love. He plans the future with purposeful joy. He acknowledges the pain of the past without letting it define who he is, or how he lives in the present. He makes it easier for me to get through dark days because of his hope, joy and love. He always hugs me so authentically and says “we will get through this, together,“ and I believe him, because he has.

~ Ric

"Be a warrior."

I see you, Ric Sanchez. I see you handling your business every day and not giving in to the sadness and stress all around you. I see you solving problems and helping patients when they are as vulnerable as they will ever be. I see you creating solutions, making connections, and fighting battles for other people. You are a warrior and you are making things better. You are making a difference.

~ John

Good News