Friday, April 2, 2021

"To plant a garden..."


Before my life with Ric, I really never thought a lot about plants and trees and gardens. Other people had them and I enjoyed seeing them or being around them, but creating an outdoor space on purpose never really crossed my mind.

But Ric? He loves being outside. Specifically, he loves creating a space outside that he can maintain and tend and care for. He loves planting flowers and vines and anything else that will fill a blank space with life and lushness.

Ric plants things today that he intends for us to both still enjoy twenty years from now. How can you not love everything about that?

~ John

Want to see an example? Here's our backyard from then to now.

When we bought the house, the backyard looked like this

Starting the project with a complete backyard demo

Fence up, sod down, and Ric out there watering

The first stage of the cabana

The deck is becoming a cabana

The first roof providing shade and shelter

And years later, our lush and inviting backyard oasis

And our favorite view, the backyard and cabana all lit up

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