Wednesday, April 14, 2021

"Feminist Men"

Another Wednesday means another chance to draw a card from my Grateful AF deck and see what it wants me to appreciate today.

This one is a little weird for me, because I feel like I am one of those Feminist Men. But I appreciate the spirit of the card and see beyond myself to the other men that this describes. And I've even called these same people out for praise in a Facebook Fan Boy Friday post last summer.

In this world, it is easier to turn a blind eye to the challenges and difficulties that other people face. And it's especially easy to ignore all that by just pretending it doesn't exist. And that's exactly how a lot of men choose to see - or, choose to not see - the way women are often treated by other men. But the good men... the men who are doing the right thing and acting the right way and doing what they can to stop bad things from happening... those men are the ones in the spotlight here.

  • For standing up to your friends and family and saying, "knock that shit off"
  • For speaking up in the workplace and saying, "you're wrong and you're way off base"
  • And for stepping up when you see a woman in danger in a public pace

For all of those reasons and more, you are making a difference in this world.

And for all of that, yes, I am grateful AF.

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