Friday, August 6, 2010

Conceited, much?

This is my current Spark People and Facebook status: 

"San Diego John is packing a gym bag for after work today. Because we both know, all this sexy doesn't just happen." 

I posted it this morning on my way out the door, and by the time I got to work, I had a message from a "friend" who said, in her oh-I'm-just-looking-out-for-you snotty sort of way, "I know that you are being funny, but other people might read it as you being conceited. I would want to know it was being read that way so I could delete it." 

Very passive-aggressive, huh? Play the friend and pretend that you are looking out for my best interests, yet still get to call me conceited, tell me I should change my status, and criticize me for being confident. 

My response to my "friend"? "Thanks for the heads-up, but I won't be changing my status. Like the old saying goes, those who don't understand me won't be swayed by an explanation and those who do don't need one." 

I tell myself things like "yeah, I'm all that today," because I need to hear it. And I deserve to hear it. And why the heck not? What is the point of beating myself up by focusing on my extra pounds, or my height (darn you, 5'8"!), or any of a dozen other criticisms? None of those make me feel better, none of those improve my attitude, and none of those make me more enjoyable to be around. 

Instead, I'll focus on all that is fantastic about me. I am rockin' my 501 jeans today, I'm feeling strong and healthy, and I'm smiling at everyone I see because I'm in a good mood. And heck yeah, all that is sexy, indeed. 

So if you're wondering if your posts and your status updates read as you being too full of yourself, stop. It's your status. It's your blog. They are your message board posts. Why on earth not use those as opportunities to celebrate and cheer and enjoy who you are?! 

Let other people be responsible for what they choose to read. If they don't like it, tell them I suggest they learn to *skim and scroll*. 

You just keep pumping yourself up any way, any time, and at every moment possible. You deserve it!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bobbie Laid The Blues On Me

I'm that guy. I admit it. I have mad crushes on many people. And I love being star-struck. I am so impressed by songwriters and singers and playwrights and actors who can reach deep into my soul and leave me breathless. And in my life, I have been fortunate enough to meet several such people. Years ago, I sat face-to-face with Janis Ian and interviewed her for the San Diego Gay & Lesbian Times. (You can read that interview here.)

And now, I have Facebook to thank for bringing many of these artists even closer. Are we real life friends? No, not really. But through the power of the web, I have been able to say thank you to artists who have given me so many hours of joy. Whether the songs made me laugh, dance, or cry, they still touched me and I'm never quite the same after hearing them.

My newest crush that has reached out to me? The beautiful and talented Bobbie Cryner. As crazy as it is for me to believe, I understand that not everyone knows this artist. She is an amazing singer, songwriter who has yet to receive the commercial acclaim she so richly deserves. Really, what's not to love about tracks like these?

And this song written for Trisha Yearwood:

Recently, I found her on Facebook. I sent her a friend request, not really expecting she would accept. And when she did, I assumed it was an assistant or fan club manager running her page. Nope. It was the one and only Bobbie Cryner. Seriously, how cool is that?

And today, I received a message back from Miss Cryner thanking me for being a fan. There was a bit more to the note, but the details are just for me. I'm just bragging and showing off a bit, and sharing with everyone how cool I think this woman is. And soon, when her new CD comes out and she finally breaks huge across radio, I'll be the guy telling everyone, "I knew her when! I knew her when!"

Thank you, Bobbie Cryner, for two CDs of music that have been played more times than I can count. You keep making music and I'll keep buying it... and shouting out loud about it to all my friends.


P.S. To my friends who are wandering if I have gone completely round the bend with a celebrity crush, don't worry. Just remember the last time you saw a movie, or a play, or heard a song, and thought to yourself, "man, that is serious talent." That is what Bobbie Cryner is to me, and I am happily starstruck by anyone who brings that much joy to so many.