Saturday, April 28, 2012

And The Team Name Is...

Our group of Ragnar runners has really gone round and round with team names. We had funny ideas, we had serious ideas, and we had a few just out-and-out crude ideas. But finally, after hundreds of amazing suggestions (literally, hundreds, from a teammate's blog readers after she invited them to help us) and multiple rounds of voting, we decided on a name. And as promised earlier, it's time for the big reveal:

Weapons Of Mass Reduction!

Get it? Because as a team, we've lost over 1200 pounds. That is a lot of mass that we have reduced.

But now comes the tough part for me. I need a nickname. For example, one of our runners is named Allison, and she might be A-Bomb.

I've thought of a few - Carb Killer, J-Bomb, Gaydar, Glitterbomb - but they seem a little too... you know... meh. I don't love any of them.

So, let's hear it. Someone out there is brilliant and clever.

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