Thursday, April 12, 2012

Action 317 - Do A Little Recon.

I already wrote about my unexpected road trip today, but I left out the best part. My office is directly on the course for the La Jolla Half Marathon (about mile 4), and our drive today took me from there all the way down into La Jolla. So I got a chance to drive the last nine miles of the run.

Action 317 - Do A Little Recon. I had heard about the crazy hills on this half marathon, and I had an idea of where they were, but I hadn't actually seen the hill from a runner's perspective. Until today. We drove the course, so I got to see the big ugly hill up close and personal.

Follow the road down and you will see where it veers up and to the right. That's the course route. And it goes on for the better part of a mile and a half.

It isn't going to be easy, but after running up the two mile finishing hill at Hollywood, I can totally do this!

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