Saturday, April 28, 2012

Action 399 - Choose To Start.

The La Jolla Half Marathon is a point-to-point race, meaning it starts at one location and ends at another. In this case, it starts at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and ends at La Jolla Cove. To lessen the impact of all those people at one end or the other, the race organizers offer free bus service before the race and after the race. And that leaves me with a decision to make.

Action 399 - Choose To Start. At least, I choose to drive to the Start Line, run my race, and then take the bus back to the Start.

All week I was sure that I would do the opposite, park at the Finish Line and shuttle to the Start. I gave it a lot of thought this evening and I realized I was making a mistake. I am an early riser and I get to events very, very early. If I shuttle up, I will be standing around for an hour and a half before the event. But if I drive to the start, I can sit in my car, play with my iPad, and relax comfortably until it is time to queue up.

After the race, I won't be fighting a lot of traffic, either. I plan to stay at the Finish Line until the last runner crosses (approx 11:00am), and the last bus departs at noon. So by the time I am ready to go, most of the other folks will be long gone.

This works for me. I just needed to think it through.

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