Monday, April 23, 2012

Action 372 - Keep My Mouth Shut.

It's been less than a month at my new job, and I already have a reputation. I'm the guy who always brings his lunch, eats healthy food, is always snacking, and doesn't eat junk food. Yeah, I like that. But that reputation is not without a possible downside.

Today, a co-worker brought a bag of fresh veggies as a snack. Our boss noticed and asked, "what, are you eating like John now?" It was said in jest to my co-worker and that's just how she took it, so that was all fine. But she then said, "I saw the carrots John brought last week and thought they looked good, so I picked some up to bring this week." And then she proceeded to eat all of the veggies... each of them covered in ranch dressing.

I knew better than to say anything about all the calories in the dressing. It isn't my business, I don't get an opinion, and it's just rude. But, I did think about telling her about a great low-calorie ranch dressing I found. I wasn't being judgmental or snotty, just honestly thinking that she might want to know.

Action 372 - Keep My Mouth Shut. I decided to say nothing. It's one thing to have people observe my actions. It's another thing altogether to preach at other people about their food choices. I never want to be the second guy.

If my co-worker sees me eating veggies and dressing and asks about it, I'll let her know about the low-calorie brand I found. Otherwise, no, I'll just butt out. No one likes a show-off or know-it-all.

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