Saturday, April 28, 2012

Action 396 - Take Those Hills.

I knew that running the La Jolla Half Marathon was going to be a challenge. But seeing this elevation chart? Whew. Not gonna lie. This makes my stomach flip.

The first hill before Mile 2, no big deal. The second hill to Mile 4, not too bad, but that descent afterwards will be tough on the knees. But the third hill? Wow. That is going to be a tough run. It starts about halfway through the course so I should still be in pretty good shape. The drop-off at Mile 10 is also going to be hard on the knees, but I will still enjoy it more than I did the run up. And the last mile? Uphill? Now that's just uncalled for. *laughing*

If you follow my race progress tomorrow via Facebook, know this. My goals are to have fun, run safe, and run strong. And in that order. I am going to give everything I have to this course, and I will walk away confident and proud no matter how fast or slow my overall time is.

I will take those hills.

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