Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Action 343 - Have Lunch With The Devil.

It’s true. Today, I crossed a line I thought I would never, ever cross.

Action 343 – Have Lunch With The Devil.

You doubt me? I can prove it. I even have photographic evidence.

See? Right there on the label? Cherry tomatoes. (What? If you know me at all, you know that any time someone offers me a tomato, I reply with, “no way, tomatoes are the devil!”)

But I ate my lunch, tomatoes and all. And as it turns out, I may have been a bit mistaken about my anti-tomato stance. Not all of them, perhaps, but at least cooked cherry tomatoes. Maybe it’s just because they were prepared in a delicious honey balsamic sauce, but they tasted fantastic.

Not sure what all will be different in my life, but there has to be something. After forty-five years of really, really hating tomatoes, I’m not exactly clear on where I go from here.

Changes and growth, indeed. Sheesh.

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