Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Action 380 - Go Crazy.

A running buddy of mine, kind enough to invite me to join her team for my very first Ragnar Relay Race, just posted this on Facebook:
Ragnar Napa?

That's it. Just two words. But immediately, I clicked LIKE. Right after, I checked the Ragnar website to find out the date. And then I began scheming to see how I can somehow afford to sign up for yet another Ragnar.

Action 380 - Go Crazy. It's the only explanation. Why else would I react to the words "Ragnar Napa" like someone rang Pavlov's Bell? I am obviously crazy. Crazy about Ragnar Relays, crazy about the people I meet when I run a relay, and crazy about the experience of living in a van for 36 hours, running through strange cities and towns, and generally having the time of my life.

My friend and fabulous Spark Buddy, Nancy Howard, gave me this sticker that really sums it all up nicely for me.

PS: Denise, I tried saying no to you once before, and we both know how that ended up. I'm going to start checking out those runner assignments right now!

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