Friday, April 20, 2012

Action 356 - Run Vicariously.

I'm addicted to running Ragnar Relay races. If I had the time and money, I would run every single one of them. In fact, one of my crazy bucket list items is to run every Ragnar event in a single year.

Today is day one of Ragnar SoCal, and I am volunteering tomorrow for two separate teams. But this morning, I admit that I was a bit jealous of the teams up in Huntington Beach. I wanted to be with them, running the streets on my way to Coronado.

Since that is not happening, I needed a way to motivate myself for my own run. And I did.

Action 356 - Run Vicariously. I headed to the gym and pretended that I was running my own Ragnar leg. And it worked. Not only did I power through the whole hour of running, I managed to cover 6.48 miles at a pace of 9:16 per mile.

I may have to wait to get my chance to run another Ragnar, but today, I let myself enjoy the memory of last year and the excitement of a future relay.

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