Friday, April 20, 2012

Action 357 - Watch Them Go.

It's easy to lose weight.

  1. Eat healthy.

  2. Be active.

  3. Repeat consistently.

The commitment to stick with it? That can be difficult to maintain. But the proof is evident. When I do the right things for my body, I see the results I want. And lately, I have been really focused. As expected, the results are very good.

Action 357 - Watch Them Go. The extra pounds, I mean. When I skip the salty, fatty foods and stick with fresher, healthier options, I stop gaining weight. And when I get myself to the gym and go running, I lose weight.

It's not rocket science or some magic trick. It's basic math. I need to burn off more calories than I take in. When I do that, I'll lose weight.

Today, I'm in at 186.5 pounds. More important than that number is the way I feel and how my body looks. I feel great and I'm wearing a shirt that I wasn't able to wear comfortably just two months ago. So win, win there.

I can watch myself pack on the pounds or I can watch them go. The choice is mine. And I'm confident I will continue to make the right one.

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