Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Action 378 - Go To Extremes.

I had it pretty great. I knew it then. I really know it now. I worked part-time from home, had a flexible schedule, and could easily schedule a two-hour workout or long run.

These days, I'm working full-time in an office, part-time at home, writing material for new classes I am teaching in June at Mira Costa College, running events nearly every weekend and training for the marathon.

Action 378 - Go To Extremes. I went from all the time in the world to no time at all. If I do take some time to myself for fun, I end up falling farther behind on work. Every moment of every day, I'm dealing with the pressure of missed deadlines and backed up timelines.

I honestly don't know how much longer I can do this. I really love what I'm doing, in both jobs, but it's a lot to fit in with everything else already on my plate. I can't let myself get so stressed out about it that I end up resenting the work, because I really, really am excited about it.

Ugh. I'll find a way. Until then, I'll keep going to extremes. Besides, sleep is over-rated, right?


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