Friday, April 13, 2012

Action 325 - Beware The Late Night Food.

It's a weakness of mine, I know. If I go out and have a few drinks with friends, I find myself hungry late in the evening. Unfortunately, I never have the midnight hunger pangs for carrots or celery or even oatmeal. Nope, late in the evening, I want food that is bad for me... and I want a lot of it.

Action 325 - Beware The Late Night Food. Because it's never a good thing. I didn't each much of it on Friday night, but I sure wanted to. And if I'm going to go out to clubs with friends, I need to plan ahead and make sure I have a healthy snack at the ready when I get home.

The action here is to beware the late night food, and with good reason. Tan and Fried makes me Fat and Wide.


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