Monday, April 16, 2012

Action 337 - Leave It Behind.

There is something powerful about finally giving voice to a lifetime of fears. Sharing the details of some of the most painful things in my life, it's as I have found a way to truly cast off the bullshit and pain of the past and walk confidently and happily into the future.

Action 337 - Leave It Behind. And I intend to. I have carried so much baggage in my head on my heart for years, and now, I am done holding on to dark secrets. Like discarded luggage, the weight of all of these years of hiding and concealing has been lifted.

It's a pretty freeing experience, actually. Sure, I have other things to work through. We all do, because we are all human. But I can do so knowing that there is nothing so horrible, so painful, so shameful, that it must be kept hidden away. I'm done carrying burdens I should never have held in the first place.

Emotional baggage of the past, this is where you get off.

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