Monday, April 30, 2012

Action 406 - Run This Town.

I'm a guy who moved around a lot as a kid and then joined the Marine Corps out of high school, so I've never really felt all that connected to any one place. But I've been here in San Diego since December 2000, and I'm building more and more links to this place. And yesterday, more than one them popped up on my radar.

Action 406 - Run This Town.

As I headed north on the freeway, I could see the ocean as I looked across the coast highway and saw where my third leg of Ragnar SoCal ended last year. As soon as I got to the Del Mar Fairgrounds, I saw the Arena where I ran the Del Mar Mud Run.

At the top of the highest hill I ran yesterday, I noticed a trail where I hiked around a while back. Looking down towards the ocean, I saw La Jolla Shores where I learned to scuba dive.

And finally, running towards the finish line, I ran the Cove where I went snorkeling with friends.

Yesterday, it really clicked with me. This amazing town is my home. And every adventure I have here builds one more link between me and San Diego. It's a great feeling to finally feel settled and connected to a place.

These days, I really do run this town.

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