Monday, April 30, 2012

Action 409 - Dare To Dream.

If there is one thing that I have learned to appreciate about running, it's the time it gives me to think without interruption. Sunday's run was no exception. I had over two hours away from my phone, my iPad and my computer. My music played softly in the background and I thought about everything from Marine Corps boot camp formation runs to learning to crochet to why have I never seen this part of San Diego before?!

And then the fun stuff started running through my mind. I'm in a good place right now. I'm enjoying my job with SparkPeople as a Success Story Manager, because finding and promoting members who have made amazing changes in their lives makes me very happy. And I'm having a good time working with the start-up, because I respect the company owner and it's an opportunity for me to draw on many of my skills. It's all working out well for me.

But what if? What if the movie that I am in is a runaway success? What if my involvement with the film leads to other opportunities? What if there's interest in the book I have been threatening to write for years? What if I could actually make a living as a motivational speaker?

Action 409 - Dare To Dream.

Because that's what all of those things are to me... dreams. But what are dreams if not the biggest and best possibilities of life?

I'm not getting ahead of myself here. I'm just challenging myself to remain open to the next amazing chapter of my life. Because really, anything is possible.

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