Sunday, April 22, 2012

Action 369 - Say No To Shame.

I've been trying to catch up on my SparkPeople blog reading, and I have noticed that a few members have all been writing about the same topic, shame. The specifics vary, but the general message is that they have dropped into a spiral. They feel bad for choices they made about eating or working out, then feeling bad takes their motivation away, so they continue to avoid the gym or binge eat, which makes them feel more ashamed, etc. It can be an endless cycle.

These blogs resonate with me because I know that shame well. I understand how poor choices leads to guilty feelings, which leads to more poor decisions, and on and on. But these days, I am feeling much stronger about myself and my ability to stay on track. I'm not perfect, but I am doing the right things for my health.

Action 369 - Say No To Shame.

I write these words for two reasons. One, to send a message to all of my friends in this dark place. I want to remind them that shame won't do one thing to help them change for the better. Shame will only keep holding them down. Two, I want to remind myself that I will make mistakes and I will have setbacks, but they are not stronger than my commitment to myself.

I've learned that there is no shame in being human, struggling, and choosing poorly now and then. And I have learned that my energy is better used in building myself then in tearing myself down.

I hope my friends learn to feel the same about themselves.

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