Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Action 349 - Sweat A Bit More.

It's always a bit difficult to plan my day when I have to consider other people. It's not that the people are being unreasonable, it's that factoring in other schedules means I have to commit to a more rigid schedule of my own.

For Wednesday, that meant blocking out time after work to be available for additional filming for the Ragnar movie. Because I wasn't sure how long it might take, I decided to sneak in a quick run before work. It felt good to get a morning workout in, plus it let me relax and not worry about finding time to run after the filming. Turns out, I didn't need to worry at all.

Action 349 - Sweat A Bit More. Not only did I get my morning run, I also had time after we finished filming to get my regular Wednesday evening run with the Frontrunners. It wasn't a full-on run, since my running buddy was in a bit of recovery mode, but it was the perfect add-on run for me.

Sweat a bit more. It's what happens when you bookend your day with runs. And it felt great.

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