Sunday, April 29, 2012

Action 405 - Get Some Sole.

There are many things that reinforce the idea that I am a runner. The ever larger stack of race bibs, for example.

Today, though, my affirmation comes in the form of running gear.

Action 405 -Get Some Sole.

Yep, it's time. I run in Brooks Trance 10 shoes. I love the fit and the feel, and I have no problems no matter how far I run. I alternate a pair of orange with a pair of blue.

But it's been over a year, and I need new shoes. So I logged on and found a cool silver pair that look like these.

I'm definitely a runner when I get all giddy about an expensive pair of new shoes... and they're only going to be worn when I am out working up a sweat. I guess there's no denying it now.

1 comment:

  1. You need to buy yourself a Bib album! It has a fron and back with two rings to hold the bibs. You can personalize the cover! I saw them at, but I'm sure they're all over the internet. I don't have that many! (I try to remember to put the event, my place and finish time on the backs.)