Saturday, April 21, 2012

Action 365 - Enjoy The Silly.

For some people, running is serious business. They are completely focused on their training, results and performance. For them, each run is another chance to pursue excellence and break personal records. I have complete respect for these people, because they are examples of what a dedicated person can achieve with hard work. For me, though, there is another side of running.

Action 365 - Enjoy The Silly. Organized running events can be a great source of fun. And no event does that quite as well as the Ragnar Relay. Ragnarians are unequaled when it comes to having fun.

Yesterday, I saw this team (The Dukes of Ragnar) at the Coronado Exchange:

Here's a team from last year that ran as "Barely Running":

And there's plenty of sass to go around.

I need to remember that I run because it's fun. And who doesn't want to have fun every chance they can?

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