Saturday, April 28, 2012

Action 400 - Stick With The Routine.

I drive my husband crazy. I know I do. But there are just some things that he has learned to put up with.

The night before a race, I try to get myself organized early. I drag out the clothes I'm wearing, the gear I'm bringing, and the food and snacks I'll need before I leave in the morning. At this point, I am ahead of schedule. It's hours before I need go to bed and I'm doing great.

Fast forward to 10:30pm. Everything is still spread out across the bed, I have nothing actually ready to go, and I can't go to sleep even if I wanted to because there is no room for me to lay down. And then I freeze.

Action 400 - Stick With The Routine.

This is the point where I walk out, find my husband, and ask him to come into the bedroom for just a moment. He sighs and gets up, reluctantly, because he knows this will take way more than a moment.

He sits down on the far side of the bed and stares at me. I proceed to walk myself through my verbal checklist while grabbing up each item.

I'm wearing the orange shoes, the black shorts and this orange shirt.

Those items go into the bathroom, where I'll dress in the morning.

I'll wear these sweatpants and this jacket on the drive up there and before I start.

Those items go into the bathroom.

At this point, I pick up my bag and get ready to load it up.

I'm running with my iPhone but I'll bring the Shuffle just in case.

Those items go into the bag. 

I'm running with my hat and sunglasses but bringing my Halo headband just in case.

Those items go into the bag.

I'll eat this bar and this pack of GU in the morning, this GU on the run.

Those items go into the kitchen on the counter.

I'll put my car keys by the food so I know where they are.

Back I go into the kitchen to put the keys down.

Oh, I'll put my water bottle there, too,  so I don't forget it.

Back I go into the kitchen to put my water bottle down.

I need my RoadID,  my license, my credit card and cash, just in case.

Into the bag they go.

I need the course map and the parking information.

Into they bag they go.

Oh, crap. Where is my bib holder?! I need that. And where's my bib?!

I take them off the bed where I had set them earlier and put them in the bag.

My iPad is charged and ... wait, where are my reading glasses?!

Right where I left them, then into the bag.

Okay, I think I'm ready.

You'll notice that at no time did my husband do or say anything to help the process. And that is what makes him crazy. He doesn't understand why I need him to be in the room when I pack up.

It's simple. If he is in the room, I don't feel like a fool talking to myself. One by one, I call everything out and check it off my mental list.

That is my routine. And it works, so I'm going to stick with it.

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