Monday, April 23, 2012

Action 371 - Make It Fit.

If you've ever been seriously overweight, you understand that losing the weight is only the beginning. Just as difficult is the process of losing the negative self-image.

For me, It's been tough. I know what I weigh, and I know my body measurements, but the numbers don't reconcile with my perception of my size. I still think of myself as much, much bigger.

But it's time. I am done listening to self-doubts and insecurity. I am ready to say, once and for all, that I do not wear Extra Large t-shirts and dress shirts. I do not fit into Large dress shirts. I am no longer that heavy person.

Today, I'm taking a dozen shirts to the tailors and having them taken in. Because I deserve to wear clothes that fit. I've worked very hard to drop several sizes, and I'm not going to wear shirts that are so large, I get lost in them.

This is me today wearing one of my few Medium shirts. From now on, I will only wear shirts that are flattering and not over-sized.

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