Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Action 342 – Eat On Schedule.

I envy the people who can listen to their bodies and know instinctively when and how much to eat. They make it seem effortless, though I doubt that is completely true. Still, they don’t seem to spend a great deal of time worrying and stressing about their eating. Me? I’m not at all chilled and relaxed about it. I know that my two real trouble areas are overeating and making poor nutritional choices, so I have to make it as easy as I can to stay on track.

Action 342 – Eat On Schedule. I find that I do much better overall if I snack throughout the day. It keeps me from feeling hungry… and feeling hungry leads to impulse food choices. But if I eat with a plan I can get through the whole day, feel satisfied with what I am eating, and still stay within my planned calorie ranges.

What do I mean by schedule? I mean that I have breakfast about 6am, so I need to have my first snack (carrots or yogurt) around 8:30am. By 11am, I need to be eating lunch. That means another snack (grapes, an apple, pistachios, etc) by 1pm, my much craved Coke Zero around 3pm, and dinner by 6. Yeah, I get that it’s pretty regimented. But otherwise, I set myself up for (a) an all-day bingefest or (b) hunger pangs that result in late-night snacking on anything I can get my hands on.

This may not be a great plan for everyone, but I know that it works for me. And I need to make more of a commitment to following this plan and eating on schedule.

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