Saturday, April 21, 2012

Action 363 - Load The Truck.

I always knew that volunteers were critical to the success of a large event, but I really had no idea how hard they work. I also didn't understand all the logistics involved. After volunteering for back-to-back shifts at the Ragnar SoCal, I have a much better idea of what is required.

Action 363 - Load The Truck. I worked for hours taking inventory and restocking supply boxes, sorting and stacking road signage, and offloading vans full of safety gear. It is a serious effort to put on a Ragnar Relay, and there is way more logistics involved than I realized.

I'm glad I volunteered but never again. I will, though, make it a point to thank the volunteers at any future Ragnar event.


  1. It's easy as a runner, I think, to focus just on our own goals for the event, but really, there would be no event without the volunteers! I volunteered at a few races last summer - my friends were running but I couldn't afford the entries, so I figured as long as I was there cheering them on, I'd help out. Someone thanked me as he ran by, and it struck me. Dozens of volunteers had helped me on courses before, but I was so absorbed in my own experience. Now, I make it a point to thank as many volunteers as possible during a race - from the people handing out water to the folks at the mile markers to the people with the medals at the end!

  2. And as a volunteer, I appreciated the runners that took a moment to thank me. It was a lesson for me and I will definitely be more appreciative when I run my next event.