Sunday, April 15, 2012

Action 335 - Extend My Reach.

I had few expectations of Project One Five. I thought that it would help me prepare physically for the marathon. I also thought it would help me stay focused and on track with my eating and my training. But I had no idea how truly impactful it would be.

Action 334 – Extend My Reach. Since beginning this project, I have discovered an amazing community of runners and supporters. I have learned that there are far more full and half marathon events than just the high-cost “megathons.” And I have found that I can travel from coast to coast and not only know other participants, but know them well enough to feel like I am visiting old friends.

Running is generally considered a very solitary sport, and in many ways it is. But running doesn’t have to be lonely. And I’m excited that this project has opened my eyes to the extended circle of friends and soon-to-be friends that are out there waiting. I can’t wait for my next event, because I will make more of an effort to get to know more of the other people attending.

Thanks to Rocket Racing and Charlie Alewine Racing for reminding me that it really is all about the experience of running. Thanks to the Run Jester Run group of friends for welcoming me with open arms, and a special shout-out to Israel Estrada, the Race Director for the Pasadena Marathon, for letting me know that I won’t be the only proud Marine running the streets on May 20th.

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