Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Action 385 - Work With My Strengths.

It's been a busy night here at home, but it's also been an interesting experience working on two very different tasks. My husband had to take his final tonight for a Medical Terminology class, and I had a ton of SparkPeople Success Story work to do. What we did was find a way to get everything done while helping the other with the tasks.

Action 385 - Work With My Strengths. I'm very organized and methodical, so it made sense for me to help Ric study for his final. We spent the time reviewing specific material that he had culled from the last couple of months. After he took the final, he spent the next hours helping me by cleaning up photos from members.

Could I have done the photos myself? Sure, but not as fast as he was able to do them. And certainly not as well. And could he have studied on his own? Sure, but not as efficiently as studying with someone else.

I worked with my strengths tonight. And now, at the end of a very long day, Ric and I both have a pretty impressive list of "done!" items to show for it. That works for me.

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