Friday, April 6, 2012

Action 290 - Go To Hollywood.

It's nearly 10:00pm and I should be asleep. I am running a half marathon tomorrow and I need to wake up at 3:00am - yep, 3:00am - to get there on time. It's crazy early, but I'm not running in just any town.

Action 290 - Go To Hollywood. It's the first Hollywood Half Marathon, and I'm going to be running down Hollywood Blvd. I am so excited for this event. Today was a crazy start (bad traffic, parking chaos, over-crowded expo, etc), but I don't care. All that matters is that in a few hours, I will be left, right, left'ing my way over thirteen miles of Hollywood.

Time to show them who their new Running Idol should be!

Jerry and I, showing up at the Expo


Me with the fabulous Miss Norma Jean


And all my racing swag


Let's go, Hollywood. Show me how the stars do it!

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