Friday, April 6, 2012

Action 289 - Hit The Road.

Another weekend, another chance to run for miles and miles and walk away with a shiny new medal. But this race isn't local. No, this is a destination event.

Action 289 - Hit The Road. Today, Jerry and I drove from San Diego up to Hollywood. It's Easter weekend, so we were expecting traffic to be a little crazy. It was worse than crazy. It was full-on insane. And it was completely erratic. We drove for a few miles with few cars to be seen, then we came around a corner and ran right into bumper-to-bumper, not-moving-at-all traffic. A few miles on, it opened right up with no indication of why it had ever slowed down.

Hit the road? Ugh. I want a lot more of the open space in this photo and a lot less of the packed highways.


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