Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Action 314 - Make An Impression.

I am awesome. I know it, you know it. Let's not pretend.

I'm awesome because I have made a commitment to myself and I refuse to let anything stand in my way. I am awesome because I worked my way from a painful minute of running to completing a marathon. I am awesome because I wake up at 3am if that's what it takes to get to a running event on time. But mostly, I am awesome because I have changed my life enough that it is obvious to everyone around me.

Action 314 - Make An Impression. And apparently, I have. Over the last couple of days, several of my friends have played along with my sense of accomplishment and rewarded me with "awesome" feedback of their own.

For example, yesterday, my friend,Nancy, posted this:
Love the new profile pic! AWESOMENESS in all its splendor! :-D

And then another friend, Lynette, posted this on my Facebook wall:
I saw a shirt yesterday that made me think of you... Said "Full of Awesome" on the front =)

Funny, right? And my friend, Kelly, posted this:

They're both funny, but I appreciate the underlying message. These three friends all get how proud I am of the changes I have made in my life, and they all support me in my never-ending quest for awesomeness.

I've made an impression. And it's a good one. I think that's an action I can be proud of.

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