Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Action 278 - Walk Down Memory Lane.

Oh, Facebook. You just won't stop changing, will you? And you make everyone so grumpy when you switch everything around. Well, truth be told, I like the new changes. I think the Timeline is very cool. Mostly, I like to be able to quickly scroll down and find something I posted months ago.

Tonight I spent a little time updating my own Timeline, which meant adding "life events" like marriage. And that meant finding just the right photos to go along with the events.

Action 278 - Walk Down Memory Lane. What a joy it is to not only lived a great life but to have made the effort to document so much of it in video and photos. Both the big moments (weddings, vacations, family visits, etc) to the small moments (dinners, parties, playing tourist here in town) come to life when I scroll through the hundreds of different pictures.

Tonight was a great walk down memory lane. I've lived a pretty sweet life, and the future days look even better. That's something worth noticing and remembering.

(This photo courtesy of a fantastic trip to Palm Springs with my new boyfriend.)

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