Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Action 276 - Be Encouraged.

A crazed gunman kills seven in a shooting rampage. Tornadoes rip through the greater Dallas area destroying homes and turning lives upside down. A local Iraqi woman is beaten to death in what appears to be a staged hate crime. And another teenager takes his own life in response to bullying. It can be sad and ugly world out there. But there's more than bad news out there.

Action 276 - Be Encouraged. There are amazing people doing great things out there every single day. And they don't get the attention they deserve. But I see them. And they encourage me.

Today's example? The students at Cypress Ranch High School. The whole school got together and created this anti-bullying song and video. It's a bit cheesy, and a bit rough around the edges. But I like it. Watching it the second time, I like it even more. And good on the students for finding a way on their own to promote a worthy message.

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