Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Action 274 - Get Hungry And Overeat.

The pain in my mouth means I don't feel like eating anything. I don't even feel like chewing. But not eating small meals and healthy snacks throughout the day sets me up for a big crash later.

Action 274 - Get Hungry and Overeat. And last night, I did. I skipped lunch and an afternoon snack, went home and crashed out under the influence of Vicodin, and woke up later really, really hungry. What did I do? I overdosed on too much spaghetti.

Sure, it was delicious. But I ate more than I should. I ate more than I even wanted to, but I let myself get so hungry that I was just shoveling the food in and over-eating before I realized I was full.

I have to be mindful of my hunger instead of ignoring it. It never ends well.

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