Sunday, April 1, 2012

Action 263 - Get Some, Go Again!

I was pretty wiped out after running the first 5K. Jerry and I really did give it all we had. But it was the Carlsbad All Day 25K, and a single 5K was just the beginning of our day.

Action 263 - Get Some, Go Again! And we did. Our second 5K stepped off at 8:42, so we didn't have much time to get ourselves back up to the Start Line. And once we did and took off with the pack, we had to maneuver our way through a sea of walkers and slower runners that had started at the front of the corral. Dumb.

But we felt good running, and the three miles felt good. We deliberately slowed our pace a bit. We had already run a great race, and the rest were all endurance events to finish at an easier pace.

28 minutes, 37 seconds. Yeah, I'll take that.

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