Thursday, February 9, 2012

Action 004 - Time To Recharge.

It's tough to find time each day to tend to all the things that need attention. There's work and maintaining the house and cleaning up and taking care of the dogs and getting to the gym and... and... and...

By the end of each day, it seems that every minute was filled with some task or chore and there isn't any time to just relax and unwind. But today, I decided to change that. Action 004, Time to Recharge.

When Ric got home - before we started on dinner or folding the laundry or studying for his class or packing for our trip to Palm Springs - we took an hour and curled up on the bed together. We talked about his review today at the office (he did great!) and my concern for our dog, Ruthie (she had another seizure today). We kicked around ideas for the weekend and did some brainstorming for a camping trip we really want to take soon.

Mostly, though, we just relaxed. We spent time with each other in real life, not on our iPads or Facebook. And it's a great reminder to me that sometimes the very best thing I can do for myself is absolutely nothing at all.

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