Monday, February 27, 2012

Action 095 - Say A Prayer.

Today has been a tough day. Or at least I thought it had, until I read that a USCG helicopter crashed off Point Clear in Mobile, Alabama, and three sailors are still unaccounted for. And until I remembered that last week, seven Marines were killed in Yuma, Arizona, in a different helicopter crash. On second thought, my day hasn't been tough at all.

The loved ones of the Marines lost are having tough days. They are the ones that must wake up tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and go on in a world that no longer includes their loved ones. Me, I just have to sort out a few petty annoyances.

Tonight, I'll turn to Action 095 - Say A Prayer. I don't even know what all I believe anymore, but I do know that it is my fervent wish that the families of the lost feel comfort, and the families of the missing are reunited with their loved ones. And I send that wish out into the universe, as a prayer or a wish or a dream. And while its intended recipient is painfully unclear to me right now, its sincerity is beyond measure.


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