Sunday, February 19, 2012

Action 052 - Think Long-Term.

I want all this extra weight off right now. I want to be in better shape immediately. And I want all of my clothes to fit better ASAP. But all that wanting doesn't change anything. I have to do the work now to see the lasting results that I want.

This can't be about short-term thinking. Sure, I could stop eating altogether and work out four hours each day, and the weight will drop right off. But that would be a temporary solution, at best. As soon as I started eating normally again, the pounds would come right back.

Action 052 - Think Long-Term. I will lose the weight slowly by eating healthy and staying active. It will be frustrating some times, demanding a patience I don't always seem capable of. But in the long-run, the slow and steady improvements will mean a lifetime of better health and fitness.


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