Sunday, February 12, 2012

Action 013 - Appreciation, Not Envy.

I am a person who has so much. I sleep safe each night in my own home, I have more than enough to eat each day, and I have all the creature comforts that help me pass the time. In the grand scheme of things, I have everything that I need.

Still, I am only human. And I want more. I want more money and a new kitchen and a nicer car and a bigger television and on and on. In some ways, that's good. It keeps me from becoming complacent and soft. In other ways, though, it's not good. Sometimes, it makes me envious of other people and the things that they have.

This weekend, I came face-to-face with the need for Action 013 - Appreciation, Not Envy. It's fine to observe the things that others have and to be happy for them. But coveting those things takes that appreciation one step too far. It turns a positive, "wow, that's so beautiful" into "damn, they don't deserve that." And envy can be an ugly thing.

My friend was kind enough to invite me into his home over the weekend. And his home is truly spectacular. While sitting alone in the living room Saturday morning, I found myself thinking, "gosh, I wish I had this much space in my house." And in my head, I oohed and aahed over the artwork and the furnishings and all the amazing decorative touches that were everywhere.

I'm happy to say, though, that as I sat there, I found that I was happy for my friend. He has always been so dedicated, so passionate, and so committed to everything that he does. If anyone deserves to enjoy the finer things in life, it's him. And how fortunate am I to have someone like that in my life, gracious and kind enough to share a bit of that beauty with me.

Appreciation. Not Envy. I'm better for it.





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