Saturday, February 18, 2012

Action 050 - Take Pride In My Accomplishments.

I boast and brag and say all kinds of fun things about how amazing I am. But there's still a gap between what I say and what I truly believe in my heart. It may surprise some people to read this, but I'm not the arrogant asshole I pretend to be. Truth is, I often feel insecure about who I am and where I am in my life.

Thus, Action 050 - Take Pride In My Accomplishments. I have worked very hard over the last year, and I have a stack of medals to prove it. I have run a full marathon, seven half marathons, a Tough Mudder, and several other events. I have every reason to be proud of the things I have completed. And today, in this moment, I am.

(Thanks to my husband, Ric, for creating this framed display for the  medals. And yep, there's plenty of room for the dozen or so I have yet to earn this year!)

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