Monday, February 13, 2012

Action 016 - Learn From The Best.

It's a long way from couch potato to marathon runner. And along the way, there are so many things to learn. How to eat, when to train, where to run, ways to work out... it can be overwhelming. All that information can cause analysis paralysis, where I get stuck over-thinking and never actually start doing.

Thus, Action 016 - Learn From The Best. Why should I try to reinvent the wheel? I just need to look around and follow the lead of the successful people I know. With access to, I have every bit of information I could possibly need to improve my physical health. And many of my Spark Buddies each provide amazing examples of specific, focused training and routines. Whether it's weight training or intervals or distance running, experts and experienced athletes are right there to assist me.

You might ask, "SparkPeople? Really? These are the best?" And to that, I say, absolutely. These people may not be elite world athletes, but they are the best when it comes to providing real-world information that I can use. They know what it's like to start where I have started, to dream big, and to work day-by-day to get there. That is why they are truly the best for me.


(And what to learn from the sad passing of Whitney Houston? That no amount of fame or fortune can save someone who won't work to save herself. I refuse to be that person. I will fight with every breath I have for myself and my own health, because I truly believe I am worth it.)

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