Monday, February 20, 2012

Action 059 - Look Good Doing It.

It's all about the fitness and health, right? Well, sure. Losing the extra weight and increasing my stamina and endurance is great for my heart and my lungs and... oh, puhleaze, let's be real.

Action 059 - Look Good Doing It. I don't care if it sounds shallow or vain. The truth is, I like the way I look when I work out. I like sweating and feeling my lungs burn and my face flush. I like knowing that I look the part. I am a million miles away from that fat guy hunched up on the couch. I'm at the gym, crazy hair looking super cute and sweaty face looking mad sexy.

These days, I'm about more than doing the right thing. These days, I'm about looking good doing it.

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