Monday, February 27, 2012

Action 092 - Prepare For The Crash.

Big events mean big excitement. A week long vacation in Cancun. A marathon you trained months to run. A last minute invite to a relay race. Or even an all-consuming work project that you finally complete. The rush can be amazing. But what happens when it's over? What happens when the excitement fades, the race is done, and all you have left is a wrinkled bib, a medal, and great memories?

Action 092 - Prepare For The Crash. The bigger the event, the more involved or intense it is, the harder I seem to struggle to get back on track when it is over. And I knew I would feel this way after running the Ragnar. Heck, being in a van for 30+ hours with a group of other runners feels like a long party, and it can be a letdown to go back to everyday life.

But this time, I'm ready for it. I've got two things working in my favor post-Ragnar. One, I already have two more relay races to look forward to. The Texas Capitol to Coast is in October and the Ragnar Florida Keys is in January. Knowing there are two fun events coming up helps me stay motivated. Two, I made a plan to get right back to the gym and to my healthy eating post-race. Yes, I took a couple of days off to let my shins recover, but I'll be right back tomorrow morning working out. The sooner I get back on my routine, the less likely the post-race gloomies will knock me down.

Prepare for the crash. That's the only way to beat it.

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